As the only teen pregnancy prevention curriculum originally designed with and for youth in foster care and other out-of-home placements, we ensured that the new Power Through Choices revision continued to be shaped by input from youth in care themselves, an important aspect that is unique to PTC.

Continuing to actively engage youth in our planning, implementation and evaluation process has kept the curriculum authentic and relevant to the needs and realities of system-involved youth today. Adolescent developmental stages haven’t changed, but society, technology and teen culture are changing rapidly. Ensuring that teens living in systems of care have a strong voice in identifying strategies for addressing their needs and retaining their involvement has been an important element in PTC’s success.

The PTC team is committed to meeting young people where they are, in an honest and respectful manner. In facilitating the curriculum, we focus first on building trusting relationships, understanding that these young people may have had few adults they could trust up to this point in their lives. Young people in out-of-home care have very few opportunities to discuss sexual health issues in a safe, caring and confidential setting. Providing a safe and respectful environment, medically accurate information and trauma-informed facilitation are central elements of our PTC approach.