Reviews from Participants and Partners

What group home administrators say about Power Through Choices

  • “I absolutely love the program. I think all the information that is provided to these kids is stuff they think they know but don’t have a clue about. Very educational. They love it. I love it. I think that they gain a lot of insight about themselves and about the topic that is addressed.”
  • “[The youth] love the groups. They love the fun activities that are brought to the table in a learning environment. They talk about it all the time.”
  • “I think the best thing about Power Through Choices was being able to provide another area of support and education for the kids. The program reinforces the programming that we already have—thinking about responsibility and accountability in all aspects of your life.”
  • “I can’t speak highly enough about Power Through Choices.”

What group home staff say about Power Through Choices

  • “A lot of the kids come here with kids already and they don’t even know half of how they even created that child. So it is productive, helping them realize how babies are made, but also what other issues come with having sex and how to prevent [pregnancy].”
  • “I think it was very productive and the way the information was presented to the kids was on a level they could understand even though it was a lot of biological and different terms. They were able to clearly understand the information and it is something that they need to have.”
  • “This is something these kids aren’t learning anywhere else. They get zero education on these subjects outside of this environment.”
  • “I heard a lot more of the youth talking about being safe and getting tested for STIs.”
  • “I think they [youth] are also gaining how to trust adults when they have issues, since there are adults presenting this information and they’re showing them—‘hey look, you can talk to somebody about it’ or whatever. You don’t have to be afraid to talk to somebody in authority or an adult or anything else. I think they are gaining that—which doesn’t have anything to do with sex education, just being able to trust adults better.”

What youth participants have said about  Power Through Choices

  • “The best thing I learned from the program is that I am still a kid right now, and I probably want to be ready to raise a kid before I have one.”
  • “It taught me a lot about STIs and how many are out there. Like the ones you can and can’t get treated. [Power Through Choices] wasn’t just all about learning—it was pretty fun too. I think it helped me a lot.”
  • “Learning how to put on a condom and not getting pregnant was most important to me.”
  • “Right away, I am going to get tested [for STIs]—you know, just to be sure.”
  • “Very effective. It got me thinking. Because I have never protected myself before. I have never used any way of protection and now I will.”
  • “I learned about the viruses and…anatomy and the birth control that is right for you…and if you don’t want to, you should be able to say no.”
  • “There are more things that actually go on with my body than I thought was going on.”
  • “This class was really helpful to me because sometimes I would think about making the wrong choice, but that’s what the group is about—you choose, I mean that’s why I’m in [here], I didn’t make the right choices.”