Professional Development

Free Elearning

Healthy Teen Network has developed several free elearning resources that can support Power Through Choices facilitators implement the curriculum with fidelity.

The Teacher’s Guide to Sex Ed

Providing quality sex ed is more than just anatomy and pregnancy. But how do you focus on all the stuff that matters to help students making informed and healthy choices?

The Teacher’s Guide has 8 units to cover the basics of what you need to know. Go through all 8, or pick and choose what works best for you. Review the units in any order, at your own pace.

  • Puberty & the Reproductive System
  • Preventing Pregnancy & Infection: The Basics of Keeping Safe
  • HIV & STIs: Making Sense of Being Safe
  • It’s Not Just What You Say: Techniques & Approaches for a Healthy Sex Ed Class
  • Knowing the Law: Laws & Policies Related to Teaching Sex Ed
  • Responding with Confidence: Answering Sensitive Questions & Maintaining Boundaries
  • Sexuality & Gender 101: Explaining Concepts of Gender & Sexuality

Unlocking the Secrets of Classroom Management

What student behaviors do you find most challenging?

What techniques can you use to respond to these behaviors?

Explore essential classroom management techniques for the sex education classroom. Take a peek at a few different kinds of sex education classrooms, as well as number of challenging behaviors and some techniques to address them.

Evidence-Based Interventions

What is an evidence-based intervention (EBI), or evidence-based program (EBP), anyway?

You may know the definition—a specific kind of programming that has been evaluated to show behavior change—but what’s that really mean?

EBIs can be a great way to expand or strengthen the programming you deliver in your community.

Explore what EBIs are, what makes them different from other kinds of programs, and learn some of the basics for using EBIs effectively.

Building Support for Sex Ed in Schools: Communications & Messaging Strategies

What does (and doesn’t) motivate people to listen to your messages about the value of sex education?

In this mini-course, practice building effective messages by working through real-world scenarios using evidence-based communication techniques.

Looking for more professional development?

The Healthy Teen Network Center for Evidence & Innovation has many resources to help you improve programs and services, build support for adolescent sexual and reproductive health programs and services, service specific youth populations, and build your facilitation skills.

Join Healthy Teen Network in New Orleans, October 28-30, 2019, for the annual national conference, Sex+: A Sexual Health Revolution. The 40th annual national Healthy Teen Network conference is a capacity-building, professional development, and networking opportunity for professionals who work with youth. Specifically, we will address the need to ensure access to high quality and youth-friendly evidence-based and innovative sexuality education and services, and to shore-up and expand policies and practices that respect and meet the needs of youth and young adults, including those who are pregnant and parenting.